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16 Top Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas

baby sprinkle gifts

Looking for a gift for parents who are adding another little one to their crew? Here are 16 great gifts to give to anyone expecting another bundle of joy.

Baby Sprinkles are a popular way to celebrate a growing family. Generally reserved for parents who already have at least one little one at home, baby sprinkles are a way to celebrate a new addition to the family. Baby sprinkles aren’t generally as lavish as baby showers because, oftentimes, the parents-to-be-again already have many of the big items necessary to raise a baby, such as a crib, pack-n-play, car seat and more. But sprinkles are a great reason to get together and celebrate another little one.

It may seem more challenging to shop for a baby sprinkle because the parents-to-be already own a significant amount of baby gear. But sprinkles are a great way to replenish Mom or Dad’s supply of necessities such as diapers and wipes. Sprinkles are also a great way to lavish gifts on parents who are expecting a baby of the opposite gender of the little ones who came before. If you’re stuck on what baby sprinkle gift to give, check out this list of great gifts for a growing family.

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16 Top Baby Sprinkle Gifts

1. The Newborn Gift Set from Tubby Todd

Whether the parents-to-be are expecting a boy or a girl, they will need something to wash and nourish their new addition with. Tubby Todd’s baby and toddler products are free from the potentially harmful chemicals parents don’t want anywhere near their little one’s skin, plus the products smell good! This gift set has everything parents will need for their little one in those first few months.

2. A Gift Card to BabyPage for Custom Baby Books

Those first few months with a new baby pass both quickly and slowly at the same time. The sleepless nights may seem to drag on forever, but that sweet little baby will grow and change before a parent’s eyes! Capture baby’s first year and beyond with a gorgeous baby book from BabyPage. A gift card to BabyPage allows new parents to create and print custom memory books straight from the BabyPage app. This is the perfect gift to help busy parents document every memory to cherish them forever.

3. The 6-layer Muslin Blanket from Crane Baby

These dreamy muslin blankets from Crane Baby are both gorgeous and soft. They come in multiple colors and can be used as a light layer to keep baby warm when napping or can be used to lay baby on for tummy time. These blankets can be used well into the toddler years and are so cozy you’ll want one for yourself!

4. The Itzy Ritzy Mini Diaper Bag

Now that the parents-to-be will be chasing after two (or more) kiddos, they will need their hands free! Gift them a stylish backpack diaper bag from Itzy Ritzy. These mini backpacks easily hold all of the essentials, and they look fabulous with any outfit! With so many color combos in such a versatile piece, this diaper back will be useful and cherished long after the kids are out of diapers.

5. Muslin Cotton Burp Cloths

These timeless burp cloths are invaluable to new parents. Easy to toss in a diaper bag, these burp cloths will save a parent’s clothes when their little one inevitably spits up. You can purchase them in classic white or a number of other fun colors to match a diaper bag, room décor and so on. Plus, these can be used as wash rags for the house once they are no longer needed as burp cloths.

6. Baby Moccasins from Freshly Picked

Leather moccasins are effortlessly adorable on little ones, and Freshly Picked offers a number of colors and prints you’ll be excited to gift. These moccasins are stylish and durable so they can easily be passed on to younger siblings or friends when the new baby outgrows them. Make the gift extra-personal for fans of Harry Potter or Disney with special limited-edition prints from these brands and more.

7. Diapers in Cute Prints from Honest Baby

Diapers aren’t usually something to get excited about… Unless they are diapers in adorable prints from Honest Baby! Not only are Honest Baby diapers free of some of the chemicals that could irritate a little one’s skin, they are also just a delight to see on a baby! Gift the parents-to-be diapers in a fun print such as rainbows or giraffes and they might hate middle-of-the-night changing sessions just a little bit less!

8. Hatch Baby Rest

This multitasking product is one you won’t want to skip. Part nightlight and part sound machine, this machine can be placed in the nursery to help soothe baby to sleep with gentle sounds. The soft light can help parents navigate the room in the dark and can be used later to help the little one develop better sleep patterns. It can even be controlled by an app on your smartphone. Score!

9. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

A Moby Wrap is a baby carrier that enables a new parent to safely and securely wear their little one while keeping their hands free to pursue other tasks. Moby Wraps are both comfortable and easy-to-use, once you get the hang of them. They come in a variety of colors and prints, meaning you can pick one that suits the new parent’s sense of style for a truly customized gift.

10. Sophie La Girafe Gift Set

A classic gift set! Sophie La Girafe is a timeless gift for both boys and girls that originated in France. Soft and flexible, Sophie is perfect for a little one to grip, play with and chew on. Made with 100% natural rubber, this gift is safe for baby to put in their mouth. Kids simply adore this classic gift.

11. Magnetic Me Gender Neutral Footie PJs

Magnetic Me makes getting babies dressed easy with magnetic snaps that simply clip together. No more struggling with snaps or worrying about catching baby’s skin with zippers. Magnetic Me uses magnetics for securing fabric and uses great prints and soft material to keep little ones comfy and cozy.

12. Classic Lit Baby Board Book Collection

Chances are that the parents-to-be at the baby sprinkle already have a growing library of great baby books. But do they have some timeless classics in baby-board-book format? These books offer up some of the world’s most beloved tales, including Moby Dick and Romeo and Juliet in very basic, fun ways for little ones. It’s never too early to develop a lifelong love of reading!

13. A Gift Card to Target or Amazon

Sure, gift cards can feel impersonal. However, they allow parents to buy what they really need. Whether they need formula, wipes, clothes or laundry detergent, parents are able to take your generous gift and turn it into something useful, and that’s always great!

14. Set up a Local Meal Delivery or Meal Train

With a new baby at home, cooking is going to be low down the new parent’s list of things to do but is, obviously, absolutely necessary. Look up local meal deliveries in your area that can deliver healthy, nutritious meals right to their doorstep. Sure, Uber Eats is always an option. But the new parents will likely appreciate healthy meals that can be popped in the oven, or, better yet, come ready to eat. If your area doesn’t have any companies that do this, try setting up a meal train with friends attending the sprinkle and take turns bringing the new parents a healthy meal every night for a week or two.

15. Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

Infant loungers give parents a safe spot to lay baby while they tend to older kids. This lounger, which comes in multiple colors, is both cozy and comfortable for little ones. Plus, it’s machine washable! This product should always be used on the floor and is a great tool for tummy time, as well.

16. A Gift Card to The Vintage Pearl for Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is an extra-special way to commemorate the birth of a little one. Whether new parents want a keychain with engraved names or a necklace or ring with colorful birthstones, parents can customize their gift to reflect their personal tastes and growing family. A gift card to this site allows new parents to pick the gift that is right for them.

Enjoy the baby sprinkle!

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