Best Gifts for Grandparents for Christmas


Give Grandma & Grandpa what they really want this year with this “must-have” gift list curated by BabyPage.

Shopping around the holidays can be a fun, albeit sometimes overwhelming, task. With so many gifts lining the shelves at every store, and your social media feeds filled with “the perfect gift” advertisements endlessly, it can be hard to actually find the perfect gift. Should you buy a candle, a book, a gift card? How do you choose?

Luckily, grandparents can be slightly easier than the average recipient to shop for. And that’s because as long as you tie the gift back to the grandkids, grandparents are guaranteed to go gaga for whatever is wrapped and ready under the tree.


But if you’ve got little ones at home, finding the time to head out to the mall in search of the perfect gift may seem like an unattainable task this holiday season, but no worries! The brilliant minds behind BabyPage have scoured the internet (and real stores, too!) to find the gifts that any grandparent will be thrilled to be gifted this holiday season. So put the kids to bed, slip into some fuzzy socks and curl up under a blanket with your tablet or phone and get ready to get gifting because we’ve rounded up six gifts grandparents will love this holiday season.

6 Gifts to Give Grandparents This Holiday Season

  1. Original artwork creations from Original Works: This website will take your child’s original drawing and turn it into something both beautiful and useful. Maybe Grandma likes to drink tea and would love a mug with your child’s drawing on it, or Grandpa could use a new jar opener with a personal touch. Have your child draw a picture of a favorite memory with their grandparents or simply draw a picture of the family and turn it into a treasured keepsake.
  2. Personalized blankets from Personalization Mall: Winter is a season to get cozy, so what better gift than a blanket? Customize a blanket for Grandma and Grandpa with the names of their grandkids in a color that matches their living room décor. Then every time they cuddle up to read a book or watch a show on TV they’ll be reminded of the grandkids they love so much.
  3. A photo album from BabyPage: No one likes to show off pictures of the family like Grandma and Grandpa do. Create a custom memory book on BabyPage and gift that this season. Create an album about the holiday season, 2022 on the whole, your new little one, etc. and have it printed. Gift it to Grandma and Grandpa and they will always have a special memento from a joyous time in their lives. A book from BabyPage is a special treasure that is easy to show off to friends and visitors.
  4. Bochy’s Box- a subscription box that gives back: Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and with good reason. It can be super fun to receive trinkets and treasures in the mail that you possibly wouldn’t purchase for yourself otherwise. Soaps, lotions, throws, candles, devotional guides, books… These are the sorts of items you can find in subscription boxes. So why get Bochy’s Box? Not only is it filled with luxurious items that any grandparent would love to receive, it supports a wonderful mission, too!
  5. A “Together-Night” surprise: As grandparents get older, they tend to prefer experiences more than material things. So why not make a gift of your time? Even if you don’t live nearby, you can curate an experience to gift grandparents that includes your time. Pick a date and time and write it on a card. Place the card in a pretty box with a gift card to Uber Eats, some holiday candy and chocolate and a fun conversation-starter game such as Slip and gift your time. Near or far, you, your parents and your kids can bond over food and great conversation, either in person or virtually.

Happy holiday season, friends!

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