Meet the problem solvers, creative thinkers, and parents behind BabyPage:

katie rice headshot

Katie Rice

CEO & Co-founder

Katie Rice has an undergrad degree in engineering from MIT, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a professional background in strategy and venture capital. She is mom of three kids. She is a proud #hockeymom, #dancemom, and mom to a dinosaur-obsessed toddler.

jens headshot

Jennifer Lysaught

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing

Jennifer Lysaught, BabyPage’s highly experienced Senior Director of Digital Marketing, has a background in finance with a BS from University of Colorado, Boulder. She has 18 years of advertising and marketing experience, with a concentration on all things digital. She is a mom of one crazy, chatty, amazing toddler.

headshot of chamise

Chamise Broucek

Customer Support Manager

Chamise Broucek is our Customer Service Manager. Her background includes sales, marketing, recruiting, and management. Chamise earned her BS at University of Oregon in Sociology and Public Relations. She is mom of 3 teens, and 4 if you count her husband of 23 years!

yasine armstrong headshot

Yasinem Armstrong


Yasine Armstrong is a serial entrepreneur with a background in communication with a BA from Truman State and an MS in communications from UNM. She is a proud mom of three young kids who keep her very busy.

kara forney headshot

Kara Forney

Board Director & Advisor Founder of The Bump

Kara Forney, the founder of The Bump, is a BabyPage Board Director and strategic advisor. She is an expert in the parenting space with a wealth of experience building companies.

Our mission

To transform the “baby book” creation process and provide parents with the tools and technology to create uniquely inspired memory books with all the beauty and none of the hassle.

Our Story

We are Katie & Yasine, busy moms and the co-founders of BabyPage. We created BabyPage because as moms, we were perpetually short on time yet desperately wanted to capture each of our childrens’ milestones as they grew. And as professionals, with backgrounds in venture capital, technology and business, we knew there had to be a better and faster way to create something beautiful without the hassle of a traditional ‘print and paste’ baby book. When we could not find a great option to solve this mom-guilt dilemma, we set out to build an amazing platform for busy parents like us. After a lot of hard work and thoughtful development, BabyPage was born!