Membership & BabyPage Experience

BabyPage offers two types of accounts. BabyPage offers a free version which allows you to capture your child’s milestones, organize them in an engaging dashboard, upload your photos and track your child’s growth.

BabyPage PLUS is our premium subscription and is available for $7.99/month, $13.98/3 months or $45/year. PLUS members receive access to the full BabyPage experience where you can add multiple children to one BabyPage account, add multiple photos to your BabyPages with collage features, auto-generate and customize your child’s story with easy-to-use prompts, download high-resolution BabyPages without watermarks, and access an extensive library of illustrations, borders and cover designs. With a free membership, you are limited to creating a maximum of 15 babypages and all pages will include a babypage logo watermark. Upgrade to PLUS here.

To compare the various membership options, Click here.

Yes! Right now we offer a 7-day free trial for all membership options. You can test drive the BabyPage experience and see how easy it is to document all of your child’s memories and milestones. You can also create babypages using PLUS features such as premium decorative content and cover options. Please note that during the 7-day free trial period, you will not receive 10% off or free shipping on any orders.

With a BabyPage PLUS account, you can select from various photo collage options for each babypage you design. Free BabyPage users are limited to options with 1-2 photos for each babypage.

You also have the option to create ‘Photo Only’ milestones, so you can add photos to both sides of your babypage. With this option, you can add text labels to each side of the page and select the label’s position. ‘Photo Only’ milestones are currently a PLUS feature, so if you would like access to this feature you can upgrade or sign up for your PLUS account here.

Yes, you can only add multiple children to a BabyPage PLUS account. Click here to sign-up for a BabyPage PLUS account. As a free user of BabyPage, you can only have one child profile per account.

Yes! We launched pregnancy milestones in early 2021!! You can now capture milestones from pregnancy test, ultrasounds, growth, gender reveal, baby shower, birth story, and much more. We have over 20 pregnancy milestones to capture your unique pregnancy journey.

Yes! Navigate to the Milestones page and simply select whatever holiday or milestone you wish to complete. Our technology will automatically assign the correct date based on your kid’s birthdate or the holiday you wish to complete. This is a lifesaver for most moms that are often too busy to record the memory in the moment.

You can absolutely create babypages and books for older kids! Our current milestones go up to 8.5 years old, but with holidays and custom pages you are able to fill books full of memories for every age!

We also have milestones and question prompts for ‘My 1st Events’ which capture everything from first tooth to first trip to the beach. These milestones are mostly for (slightly) older kids and you can always create custom babypages to document all of your child’s milestones no matter what their age!

Absolutely! We use Amazon Web Services, which is the most secure cloud computing environment available today. Their high security standards and compliance certifications mean that your customer data is always safely stored.

Yes! BabyPage is available on iOS here. We are currently working the Android app, but it is not available at this time. No matter which smart phone you own, you can always use our web interface to create your account, create babypages, and build books at


We have several options including a small soft cover perfect bound 6”x6” starting at $23, a large soft cover 8”x8” starting at $31, and a large hard cover starting at $51. With these options, you can create a beautiful book at any price point! Click here to see more about our printed book options and cover designs.

No. Our free users can print books too! However, free users have a limited selection of photo collage options, illustrations, borders, and cover designs. Free users can only store up to 15 babypages, so that significantly limits the length of your book. Also, when creating babypages as a Free user, your pages will include a watermark.

Once you create a book, you can preview it by tapping on the book and selecting “Preview”. This will allow you to flip through all of your pages. For more information about the book formats, Click here.

You will need to create a minimum of 8 babypages to build and print a book. Each book has a maximum of 100 babypages.

We have and will continue to make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible. However, as a small business and given market conditions, we must adjust prices in order to maintain and deliver the highest quality product.

Previously, we were able to lower books prices after securing reduced supply costs/rates. However, due to the rapid and significant increase to the cost of both paper and printing, our book prices will increase by $3 per book effective 8/18/21.

From paper mill closures to increased wood pulp prices to higher than usual transportation costs, the global pandemic has affected the price of printed goods in a big way. Here are just a few of the factors that have affected our books:

  • The cost of paper pulp is up 35% this year.
  • Lumber costs are up 400% which directly impacts the cost of paper pulp.
  • Oil costs are up 40% which increases shipping costs.
  • Labor costs are rising which affects our printing partners.

We are making every effort to keep our books affordable and to maintain our flexible pricing options. We will continue to monitor costs and will reevaluate our pricing based on market changes to bring you the best value.

All accounts feature beautifully designed covers for the front of your book and you can include your baby’s name and a subtitle (typically their birth date, holiday, or any text you’d like). You cannot insert a photo on the cover of your book.

Yes. Each babypage has a picture(s) on the left hand side and story content on the right hand side. You fill out the question prompts and we auto-generate the story content! If you want to change any of the content, you can tap the pencil icon to edit.

‘Photo Only’ babypages will have photos on both the left and the right hand side.

Due to variations in the printing process, pages may be trimmed up to ¼” around the perimeter. This means that photo pages could have noticeable differences when comparing the digital preview to the printed page(s).

We suggest all important photo details such as faces and text be kept away from the perimeter of the page. Please refer to this visual representation of a babypage photo collage with printer cut lines, and design your pages accordingly.

No. When you create a book, you will be asked to select the babypages you want to include. You may select a maximum of 100 babypages. Once you have selected all of the pages you wish to include, you will be prompted to tap and drag them into the order you desire. Alternatively, you can select “Sort” and automatically arrange them chronologically, alphabetically, or by the creation date. Either way you choose to organize your pages, the dates of each babypage are included so re-ordering is usually quick and easy!

Unfortunately, once you order a book to be printed and shipped, it is not possible to make changes. That is why it is extremely important that you review all of your content before ordering your book.

By checking the box before placing your order, you certify that you have proofread your book(s) and that they are ready to print. We encourage you to take a few extra moments to double check your books before completing your purchase.

Here is a quick checklist for proofreading your book(s):

  • Check that pages are in order – babypages are NOT automatically sorted
  • Confirm all images fit within trim lines to avoid unintended cropping
  • Proofread all content including dates, spelling, and punctuation

Editing Books & Pages

When creating a book, once you select the babypages you want to include, you will have the option to reorder the pages. Within the “Reorder Pages” screen, you can simply tap and hold each page to drag them into position or use the ‘Sort’ button in the upper right-hand corner to sort all pages by; creation date, alphabetically, or by milestone date.

For example, most users order their babypages chronologically to document their child’s growth in a logical order. In this case, you would select Sort By > Milestone Date > Ascending.

New Page:

If you are still creating the babypage, you can tap on the pencil icon in the lower left-hand corner of the page to edit. You will see all of the text that will appear on your page, you can edit or delete, and then apply changes. More text editing tips:

  • Clicking the pencil icon on the right hand side of each line of text allows you to edit.
  • Swiping left across each line of text allows you to delete the entire line of text by clicking the trash can icon.
  • To reorder your lines of text, tap and hold the line and drag into the desired position.
  • To add additional and custom text, simply type into the “enter something different” field and click “Add” or “+”

Page in Progress:

If you are finalizing your babypage, you can tap on either your picture (left-hand side) or the story text (right-hand side) page to edit as needed. Here you can change, rearrange, and select a new collage format for your photos OR edit your text as describes above.

Saved Page:

If you have already completed and saved your babypage and wish to edit it, from the dashboard go to ‘babypages’, tap on the babypage you wish to edit, and select ‘Edit’. From there you can complete the steps above to edit either side of your babypage (photos and/or story content) by tapping on it.

Page in a Book:

If you notice that a page in one of your baby books needs to be edited, then simply go to ‘BabyPages’, tap on the babypage you wish to edit, and select ‘Edit’. From there you can complete the steps above to edit either side of your babypage (photos and/or story content) by tapping on it. Save the babypage and the page will automatically update in your book (as long as it’s still in the “My Books” section of your account). If your book is in your cart, then please contact [email protected] for additional support.

To change a photo within a babypage, navigate to the babypages section from the dahboard. Tap on the babypage you wish to edit and select ‘Edit’. Then tap on the photo(s) side of the babypage to edit. Here you can select ‘Change Photos’ to arrive at the following options; select a new collage format, tap the pencil icon to reposition/zoom/rotate, tap the trash icon to remove the photo then select a different photo by tapping the ‘+’ icon. More photo editing tips:

  • To zoom in or out on the photo, pinch the photo area using two (2) fingers until the desired frame is achieved.
  • To reposition the photo, tap and hold to drag into the desired position.
  • When using a collage, select the necessary number of photos for the collage. To rearrange the collage photos tap on a photo and hold, then drag it into the desired location within the collage.
  • Each photo within the collage can be repositioned and zoomed in/out using the same steps described above.
  • Be mindful of the red-dotted trim line and keep all important details out of the trim zone.

To delete a babypage simply go to the babypages section within your dashboard. Tap on the babypage you want to delete, and select ‘Delete’. Please note, you will not be able to recover a deleted babypage once you confirm this action.

Image Resolution

You will receive a low-resolution warning if your photo does not meet our recommended resolution.

The resolution of a photo describes the number of pixels that fit in one (1) inch. Photos with a low-resolution have less pixels per inch and photos with high-resolution have more pixels per inch. The higher a photo’s resolution is, the more crisp (and less fuzzy) the photo will look when printed.

Low-resolution warnings indicate that the image selected is smaller than the minimum recommended size for the printed area. Therefore, the photo will not print well within your book, and may appear fuzzy/pixelated.

Low-Resolution Image Considerations:

  • Often when a photo is cropped or zoomed in, the image resolution size becomes smaller and therefore pixelated.
  • Photos may appear clear and high quality on your device screen, but still print poorly because they are (actually) low resolution.
  • When you upload photos to Facebook, they are automatically compressed for storage purposes which decreases the resolution. If you select your photos from Facebook and receive a low-resolution warning, we recommend you try to upload the original, full-sized photo file instead.
  • Select a different photo with adequate resolution.
  • Resize the image (remove cropping/zoom) until you no longer receive the warning.
  • If the image is selected from Facebook or another storage source which compresses file size, we suggest using the full-sized, original image files.

Other helpful tips for high quality prints: 

  • When selecting photos and positioning them on your page, remember that when printed, pages are trimmed up to 1/8th of an inch.
  • We check for resolution quality only. We do NOT review photos for the overall quality which can include; contrast, clarity/focus, and general composition of an image.
  • We suggest using a minimum setting of 4 megapixels for any older digital cameras or devices using a lower-resolution setting to save space. This will allow for adequate resolution photos, in most cases.


Typically, you will receive your book(s) 8-12 business days (US) and 10-14 business days (Canada) after you submit the order. You will receive updates via email so that you can track when your book is printed, shipped, and delivered.

If you need your book(s) delivered ASAP, opt for the USPS Priority Mail.

If your shipment tracking number status shows “Delivered” but you are unable to locate the package, we apologize for the inconvenience. However, BabyPage is not liable for lost or stolen orders once they have been delivered. We recommend ensuring someone is available to receive the package upon delivery or opting for additional mail security measures. Additional information and assistance may be obtained by contacting the appropriate courier (USPS / UPS) directly.

We are not responsible for shipping delays that occur on the carrier-level. Examples of these delays include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Holiday periods could cause additional delays due to volume.
  • Inclement weather and natural disasters may disrupt or delay delivery services.

For updates regarding shipping disruptions, please visit the appropriate courier website.

We ship to Canada! There is a flat fee of $12.00 USD for all orders shipped to Canada. Also, Canadian customers are responsible for any duties or customs fees upon delivery. Please estimate 10-14 days from the time you place the book order for delivery.

At this time, we are only able to ship books to the US and Canada.

Account Questions & Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your BabyPage book, please contact us immediately. We want you to love your book(s) and cherish it for a lifetime!

More details on our book refund policy:

  • If BabyPage was at fault for the mistake, we will replace your book immediately and at absolutely no cost to you. Please notify us within 90 days of receipt.
  • If you realize upon receipt that you made a mistake (spelling, photo cropping, or other issues that could have been corrected during the pre-printing preview/review process) we would be happy to help you fix your book and provide 20% off the cost of re-printing.
  • If there is damage to your book order due to shipping, please let us know within 72 hours of receipt and we will replace it ASAP at no cost to you.
  • As a small business, we are not able to offer refunds if you have simply changed your mind or no longer want your book(s).

BabyPage gift cards are non-refundable and non-returnable. If you need to modify your gift card voucher or change the recipient for any reason, we would be happy to help you with these adjustments. Please email [email protected] for assistance.

Subscription Refund Policy: We do not provide refunds on PLUS subscriptions, of any length, past the 7-day free-trial period. We offer a 7-day free trial to every user so that you have a chance to try BabyPage before committing to a PLUS subscription. No refunds, whether partial or complete, will be issued upon cancellation of a plan, however, the user will retain PLUS status until their subscription end date.

iOS Subscription Refunds: If the PLUS subscription was purchased via iTunes/iOS app store, you must contact Apple directly. Apple handles all refunds and cancellations for PLUS subscriptions purchased through iOS devices. All refunds are granted entirely at the discretion of Apple. To request a refund from Apple, contact iTunes Customer Support directly at For instructions on how to cancel your subscription through Apple, see this support article:

Apple offers refunds in certain cases. Depending on the type of subscription and the period of time since the purchase, you may be eligible for a refund. Please note, you must request a refund from Apple directly.

If you forget to cancel your Apple iOS app subscription before the renewal date in your subscription cycle, you will be charged for the next billing cycle. It is important to remember to cancel your subscription in time in order to avoid any extra charges. Fortunately, it is easy and convenient to manage your subscriptions on Apple devices. You can access the Subscriptions page from your device; Setting > AppleID > Subscriptions. From your Subscriptions page, you can easily cancel any active subscriptions as well as review the Renewal Date.

iOS Subscriptions: If you purchased a PLUS subscription via the iOS app store, you must cancel via your Apple account. Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap your name > Tap Subscriptions > Tap on the subscription you wish to cancel > Tap Cancel Subscription and confirm.

Non-iOS Subscriptions: If you did NOT purchase your PLUS subscription via the iOS app, click the drop-down menu on your BabyPage dashboard. Select your username and/or My Account. Under Profile Settings, you will see your current subscription status under Member Status. Press Cancel Subscription and confirm.

Before deleting your account, please ensure that you don’t have an active BabyPage PLUS subscription. If you do, you will need to cancel your BabyPage PLUS membership first.

If you are ready to delete your account, navigate to Settings > Profile Settings. Scroll down the Profile Settings page and you will see the Delete Account button.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you delete your account, you will no longer have access to any of your BabyPage content which includes everything from child profiles and babypages, to books you have created. Deleting your account cannot be undone.

Other General Questions

To redeem a gift card, simply sign up for an account at Once you have an account, navigate to your username/My Account and click Redeem Code under the Gift Card section of the page. This will allow you to store your gift card under your account.

You can also redeem gift cards in the checkout process by entering the code within the cart Discount field.


  • Gift card balances cannot be applied to shipping costs.
  • Although you can also redeem gift card codes within the iOS app, you will not be able to apply the balance to the cost of a Plus membership. In order to apply your gift card balance to the cost of a Plus membership, you must redeem via the website

Custom Baby Book Questions

There are several apps available to create digital baby books, each offering different features and customization options. The “best” app can depend on your preferences and specific needs. Here are some considerations; ease of use, pricing, customization options, print quality, and the ability to create both digital and printed versions. Many apps offer a free trial. Reading user reviews to get insights into the experiences of others is also a good place to start.

BabyPage users appreciate that there are book price points for every budget and PLUS subscriptions are flexible. Many competitors don’t offer month-to-month pricing and most do not allow you to print a book if you aren’t a subscriber. BabyPage also offers the most design elements to guarantee a custom keepsake. From book cover designs to page illustrations, colors, and fonts, you truly create one-of-a-kind books with BabyPage.

Writing in a baby’s first book is a beautiful way to capture memories, sentiments, and wishes for the child. Children grow up so quickly that it is easy to lose track of the precious details along the way. Recording things like first smiles, first steps, favorite songs, and other personalized moments are fun to read and reminisce. The content of the baby’s first book is unique and an opportunity to create a keepsake filled with love, memories, and meaningful messages that they can cherish as they grow older.

The good news is that if you are short on time and attention or aren’t feeling super creative, BabyPage does the heavy lifting with multiple-choice question prompts tailored to your child’s age and stage! From age-based milestones to firsts to holidays and beyond, we try to take out hassle of crafting written entries and answering open-ended questions…while still giving you the option to enter custom text!

Yes, you can absolutely make a baby book online. With an online platform or mobile app, it is easy to create digital or printed baby books. Considering most photos are stored on phones or computers, making a baby book online is quicker and easier than going through the hassle of printing out photos and gluing them into a traditional baby book. Another benefit of creating your baby book online is the ability to reprint in case you lose your printed copy or it gets destroyed. The added security of having an online copy makes creating a baby book online worth considering.

Yes! Baby books are still very popular and remain a cherished tradition for many families. Baby books typically refer to photo scrapbooks or journals where parents can record and document various memories, milestones, and important moments in their baby’s first few years of life. Baby books often growth details/charts, notes about first experiences, and other unique details. While the traditional format of physical baby books may be losing popularity, many parents choose to use online and mobile apps to create digital versions of baby books. Creating a family keepsake can be treasured for years to come.

BabyPage offers both a web-based app and iOS mobile app with convenient features such as easy photo uploads, multiple choice questions tailored for each milestone, the ability to share updates with friends and family, and printed versions that can be ordered and shipped right to your door!

You can start a baby book as soon as your child is born or even during pregnancy to document your journey from pregnancy to the baby’s arrival. Ideally, you’ll want to begin capturing memories and milestones from the early days of your child’s life. However, it’s never too late to begin a baby book, and you can always go back and fill in information or add memories retroactively. Here are some general suggestions:

  • Pregnancy: Include details about your feelings, preparations (nursery, doctor appointments, etc.), and any significant events leading up to the birth like baby showers or babymoons.
  • Birth: Capture details such as the birth date, time, weight, and your delivery birth story.
  • First Events: Document the first experiences in your child’s life including their first bath, the first time they smile, and other early experiences.
  • Milestones: Recording developmental milestones such first word, first steps, first tooth and other notable moments.
  • Special Occasions: Include details about holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions your baby experiences.

BabyPage makes it easy to keep track of all of the memories and moments. We send email and push notification reminders when your child reaches each age-based milestone, so you won’t forget to create a babypage. You also have the option to select pregnancy, age-based milestones, first events, or holidays where we ask multiple-choice questions to create story content, saving you time while also providing the flexibility of entering custom text should you wish.

Yes, baby books are absolutely worth it. The sentiment behind capturing and preserving memories of a child’s early years remains strong, whether in a physical or digital format, and many parents continue to find joy in creating and revisiting baby books. A baby book is a meaningful keepsake that you and your child can cherish for years to come, even after the small details and memories fade.

More Questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us:

Customer Service: [email protected]

Partnerships & Media Inquiries: [email protected]