6 Ideas to Beat the Summer Heat with a Baby

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Creative Ways to Enjoy Summer While Still Staying (literally!) Cool

Summer is wonderful. It’s all about pool parties and barbeques and late-evening sunsets. It’s popsicles and sunscreen and sunshine. It can be such a fun time of the year.

But the heat can also be very draining, and it can be especially rough on pregnant moms and mothers of young children. Too much exposure to high temperatures can cause exhaustion and sometimes more. There is a lot to be said for beating the summer heat by spending time indoors, in the cool air conditioning.

If you’re staying indoors this summer and keeping cool while record temperatures engulf so much of the US (a dark, cool movie theater has never sounded so appealing!), here are a few fun ways you can enjoy the hot weather from the comfort of an air-conditioned space!

6 Fun Ways to Stay Cool During a Summer While Pregnant or With a Newborn

1. Mall Walk

Mall walking isn’t just for older folks, you know! Mall walking is not only great exercise for you (and your burgeoning bump, if you have one!), it’s a great way to get out of the house but still stay cool when the weather is hot. No need to worry about packing sunscreen or multiple bottles of water. Grab a stroller if you need one, a reusable water bottle and head out the door! Set a distance goal ahead of time- say, three miles- then turn on your favorite podcast and get walking! Bonus: if you get hungry, there’s a food court nearby!

real fruit popsicles

2. DIY delicious summer popsicles

Nothing says summertime like a refreshing popsicle. And although there are plenty lining the shelves at your local supermarket, many of them are loaded with sugar and artificial flavors. Why not beat the heat by creating your own? Order an inexpensive popsicle mold online and start creating. Try adding fruits (and even vegetables, such as cucumbers or kale!) and fruit juices and experiment until you find the right combination for you. Healthy and homemade? Score!

3. Host an indoor playdate

If you are pregnant or have friends with young kids, have an indoor playdate! Make it summer themed if you want to go the extra mile! Served chilled lemonade or iced coffee for a beverage, and then hot dogs and potato chips for lunch (make sure to provide age-appropriate food for your youngest guests). Serve your homemade freezer pops or ice cream. Keep with the summer theme by talking about your favorite summer vacation memory and the summer vacation you can’t wait to take with your family someday!

4. Make a summer journal with BabyPage

During summer, you will probably put baby in the pool or lake for the first time. Maybe you’ll take baby to the beach. You might have a picnic with baby or even take baby on a boat ride. Your infant probably has multiple adorable swimsuits that will need to be shown off! Don’t forget the cute sunglasses that are so tiny you can’t believe they are made for actual humans and not toy dolls! With BabyPage, you can take all of these photos with your smartphone and upload them directly to the BabyPage app and start designing your custom baby book right away. No more losing photos to the depths of your smartphone photo app. Fill up that summertime memory book now!

mom and baby in pool

5. Go for a swim

Enjoy one of summer’s simplest pleasures- swimming! Find a friend with a pool or take a dip in a city-owned pool in your area. If you are lucky enough to own a pool, invite friends over and lay out there! Don’t forget sunscreen and a towel, maybe even a hat to keep the sun off your face. Float in the pool on an inflatable raft or simply sit on the steps and relax. Enjoy the weightlessness of being in water, which will feel especially wonderful if you are pregnant. If you are bringing a baby to the pool with you, make sure you have an age-appropriate floatation device with you!

6. Kick your feet up with a summer movie marathon

Break out the popcorn and celebrate summer by watching some great movies about summer- from the comfort of your couch in your air-conditioned home! View some of the greatest classic movies that are set in summertime- Jaws, Mamma Mia, Grease or Thelma & Louise, to name a few. Watch with your slumbering infant, your significant other, your friends or solo! Whatever works for you and keeps you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

What are your favorite ways to outlast the dog days of summer?

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