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Newest Baby Book Features: Exclusive Fonts and Photo-Only Pages

babypage new features

Enhance and Personalize Your Baby Books Even More with Our Newest Additions

BabyPage, the busy parent’s solution for modern baby book creation, is the ultimate digital scrapbook that captures the joys of parenting from pregnancy onward. With BabyPage, parents can easily and quickly create an elegant baby book right from an app using images they snap with their phones or utilize the web platform to upload professional photos. The intuitive BabyPage platform truly makes modern baby book creation enjoyable and easy.

BabyPage is excited to announce a few upgrades to the platform: new exclusive fonts and photo-only page options! We’ve listened to our customers and added more ways for parents to personalize their baby books in a way that makes them truly special and one-of-a-kind.

BabyPage: Modern Baby Book Creation


Types of BabyPage Memberships

With BabyPage, there are two models to accommodate parents:

BabyPage Free is available at no cost. Parents can:

  • answer prompts to record details about their children
  • upload photos
  • track their child’s height and weight
  • purchase books only when they are ready

BabyPage PLUS, a subscription model with three different price tiers, enables parents to:

  • add multiple children to their account
  • create collages
  • utilize 5 NEW unique fonts
  • photo-only pages to cherish even more memories
  • and more


Subscriptions with BabyPage Plus are available for:

  • $7.99 per month
  • $13.99 for 3 months
  • $45 per year

See more information here. BabyPage Free is a no-charge app.

How It Works

BabyPage is an online and mobile platform that takes the guesswork out of creating a baby book. When parents create a free account with BabyPage, they can: sign up to receive prompts, which will encourage them to enter details about their children and upload photos. This helps parents remember and capture the details of their children day-to-day so they never miss a memory or a milestone. Parents can then customize baby books for their children by selecting different fonts and stickers to create a truly gorgeous album they can cherish long after their children have grown. Baby books can be ordered whenever a parent chooses, and multiple copies can be purchased.

BabyPage: Easy Baby Book Ideas


Childhood goes by quickly. It is true what they say, the days are long but the years are short. The adorable things children say and do can be lost to time if they aren’t written down and stored away. With BabyPage, capturing babyhood and beyond has never been easier. Founders Katie Rice and Yasine Armstrong wanted to give modern parents a way to create a beautiful baby book that didn’t require purchasing crafting supplies, printing photos and trying to find the time to put everything together with the pressures of modern parenthood. BabyPage is truly the solution for the modern baby book that lets parents easily record their kids in live time and create modern baby books that will be cherished for generations.

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