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Ways to Remember Baby’s First Christmas

baby on her first Christmas by tree

Remember this special occasion with these fun, easy ideas from BabyPage!

Your baby’s first Christmas is kind of a big deal. Although your little one won’t remember the fuss you raised over their first Christmas, you certainly will. From what your baby wore to how you celebrated on Christmas morning, you’ll want to remember this special holiday for years to come.

Although your baby is too young to get excited about fun traditions such as the Elf on the Shelf and might even be too young to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning, you have the opportunity to create fun memories and traditions with your new or expanding family this year. Whether you want to start with photos you’ll replicate annually or pass down a family tradition you enjoyed growing up, you have the perfect opportunity to start fresh this holiday season.

And because this is such a special season of life for your family, you’ll want to remember this holiday for years to come. Here are seven fun ways to commemorate Baby’s First in first Christmas outfit

7 Special Ways to Cherish Baby’s First Christmas

  1. Make a pretty ornament to hang on the tree. Remember how tiny fingers and toes were at this stage of life for years to come with a salt dough ornament. They are super easy to make with household ingredients and this recipe and are perfect for you to add your own flair to. Maybe you want to use a certain style of ribbon or twine to hang the ornament or paint a handprint like a reindeer. However you decide to decorate the ornament, make sure you include your baby’s name and the year on it so you can remember those tiny digits for many years to come.
  2. Sit for a Santa photo. This year may be too early to tell how your child feels about Santa, but Santa photos are a fun yearly reminder of the holiday season. Whether you see Santa at your local mall, at a holiday event or even have someone you know dress up as Santa, it is fun to look back at photos of your child with Santa through the years. So pick out a cute outfit and have your kiddo post with Santa. The picture will be priceless!
  3. Create a BabyPage Holiday Album. It can be challenging to sum up the entire holiday season in just one photo or one memento, so why not make a whole album of the season? BabyPage makes it super easy to get your photos off your phone and into an elegant album you can cherish for years. You can jot down memories about people who celebrated the holidays with you, gifts received, events attended and so on. Someday you can even hand it down to your child!BabyPage memory books for baby's first Christmas
  4. Decorate a wood plank with your baby’s height. Watching your child grow year after year is truly special, but it can be easy to forget exactly how much they’ve grown because it happens both so slowly and so quickly all at once! Take a six-foot tall piece of wood (the width and thickness are up to you!) and decorate the front with holiday cheer (maybe you write “Merry Christmas” or decorate it with a painting of a tree), then use the back to mark your baby’s height year after year. Display the front on your porch to spread holiday cheer and use the back as a way to remember how little your little one was on their first Christmas.
  5. Pick out special holiday PJs for your little one and then have them made into something special. Holiday pajamas are the sweetest- and when they are teensy weensy? Holy cuteness! Pick out pajamas that you love- maybe they are covered in presents, or reindeer, or whatever you choose. Pose your baby in as many photos as you can with those pajamas. When the season is over, you can do a couple of things with the pajamas. You could preserve them in a shadow box with a few other things that remind you of the holiday- bibs, ornaments, toys. Or you can make them into a pillow and have baby’s name and year embroidered on the pillow. You could also buy a stuffed bear to put the pajamas on and use it as a way to remember Baby’s First Christmas.
  6. Cut off a piece of the tree as a souvenir of the year. Whether your tree is fake or real, cut off a small piece of the tree and make it into a special keepsake! If your tree is real this year, use this guide to help you preserve a branch. If your tree is fake, well, just cut off a branch you won’t notice is missing for next year! You can decorate the branch with berries or paint and tie a sweet message on it with your baby’s name and the year. Use it as an ornament year after year or even display it proudly on a bookshelf as an elegant piece of winter dé's first Christmas shoes
  7. Make a keepsake ornament out of a sweet pair of baby shoes. Maybe you want to buy a pair of trendy holiday moccasins that won’t fit next year or maybe your little one has already outgrown their first pair of baby shoes. Either way, why not use them as a special keepsake for the year by turning them into a Christmas ornament? You can easily bronze the shoes at home using this tutorial and affix them to the tree with a pretty ribbon or bow. Don’t forget to paint your baby’s name on one of the soles!

However you decide to celebrate the holidays this year, make sure you plan some time to spend one-on-one with your little one. Family time is so important and the baby years are over before you know it. Happy Holidays!

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