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Documenting Baby’s First Summer

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Celebrating a Summer Pregnancy with BabyPage Pregnancy Milestones

Although swollen ankles and an aching back may not be things you want to look back on and remember, you will likely want to, someday, look back at your summer pregnancy and fondly recall that time of your life. While you may not miss the odd cravings or intermittent insomnia, you will miss the magic of growing another human. It’s such a wonderful time in a woman’s life worth relishing and remembering.

With BabyPage, you can create a beautiful pregnancy journal from the comfort of your couch. Forget the sunscreen and floppy hat, just grab a glass of iced tea and put your feet up while you create a wonderful journal detailing your pregnancy journey right from your smartphone. You can add milestone moments, such as sonogram photos, or weekly photos of your burgeoning belly. You can take photos of gifts friends and family have sent your way for your special bundle to include in your memory book. You can customize each page with tasteful design elements that truly reflect your pregnancy journey. You can include thoughts or cravings, wishes for your child and their future and so much more. You can even sign up for alerts from the app so you can get gentle reminders to update your journal regularly throughout your pregnancy.

summer pregnancy sonogram

The beauty of BabyPage is that you can create this special journal right from your smartphone. You don’t need to trek to the craft store and stock up on stacks of supplies that you may never actually get around to using. No more having to remember to print photos and then never actually getting around to it. Kick back, relax indoors and get your memories out of your head and into a beautiful BabyPage Pregnancy Journal with a fun summer cover design that will reflect your personal style. Your future self with thank you.

Commemorating Your Baby’s First Summer with BabyPage

If this is your baby’s first summer, it needs to be celebrated and remembered! Baby’s first summer is a big deal. Not only can you snap photos of your child with milestone blankets or stickers marking their age each month, you can snap so many wonderful photos with your infant to remember this fun time.

newborns first beach trip

During summer, you will probably put baby in the pool or lake for the first time. Maybe you’ll take baby to the beach. You might have a picnic with baby or even take baby on a boat ride. Your infant probably has multiple adorable swimsuits that will need to be shown off! Don’t forget the cute sunglasses that are so tiny you can’t believe they are made for actual humans and not toy dolls! With BabyPage, you can take all of these photos with your smartphone and upload them directly to the BabyPage app and start designing your custom baby book right away. No more losing photos to the depths of your smartphone photo app. Fill up that summertime memory book now!

BabyPage enables you to create lasting memories anytime- even when your baby slumbers! Simply kick back on the couch and start clicking through the prompts on the BabyPage app, which will intuitively guide you through creating a special keepsake for your baby’s first summer and beyond. Easily create wonderful, lasting baby journals with BabyPage that will commemorate this treasured time in your infant’s life. No more putting off creating a memory book that you can cherish for the rest of your life. BabyPage makes it easier than ever to get your photos and memories off of your smartphone and into a beautiful journal that will last forever.

BabyPage: One App, All the Memories

Maybe you aren’t spending this summer pregnant, or this isn’t your baby’s first summer. That’s okay! BabyPage is here to help you memorialize all the stages of your child’s life. Whether you want to make a journal of a special trip, a year in your child’s life, or anything else you can think of, BabyPage wants to help you put these memories into elegant journals to last a lifetime. Download the BabyPage app to get started today.

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