10 Best Summer Vacations With a Baby

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Travel Destinations to Consider With Baby

Traveling with a new baby might be challenging, but it is totally doable if you pick the right destination! Here are 10 awesome US locations to add to your travel bucket list.

Babies and traveling are two of life’s greatest joys. Both expand your worldview in immeasurable ways and bring happiness to spread around. However, it is generally assumed that traveling with a baby is cumbersome and therefore shouldn’t be done. People will tell you to wait until your kids get older because they won’t remember or appreciate the trips you take with them anyway.

But traveling with babies and kids isn’t actually for the kids- it’s for you, as the parent, to create memories and joy with your little ones. Traveling with babies can be challenging, sure, but it can also be a great way to connect as a family and enjoy time together doing something that brings you joy. Although traveling with a baby will take more planning (and probably more suitcases!) that it might have taken before you brought a little one along for the ride, traveling with your infant can be quite enjoyable if you are well prepared.

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Top 10 US Destinations to Travel to With a Baby

  1. The Badlands, South Dakota. Strap your little one into a carrier and embark on a journey learning about US history. Explore the Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore, both of which can be enjoyed with your baby in a carrier. Explore the Wind Caves and then drive through Custer State Park to see the bison while your little one naps in their car seat.
  2. Orange Beach, Alabama. Babies and beaches, is there anything better? Orange Beach, located on the Gulf of Mexico, has miles of white sandy beaches and tons of family fun. Find a hotel right on the water and simply wander from hotel to beach with your baby. Grab a beach blanket, umbrella and mountains of sunscreen and prepare to relax and unwind.
  3. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Dolly fans, this one’s for you! Pigeon Forge is home to Dollywood and so much more. Numerous resorts feature on-site waterparks where older kids can be entertained while you sit poolside with a baby. Pigeon Forge has lots of exciting museums and shopping areas that would be fun and engaging for you while your little one chills in their stroller.
  4. Bar Harbor, Maine. If hiking is your thing, consider Bar Harbor, in northern Maine. It’s home to Acadia National Park, a picturesque setting for day hikes and sunsets. You and your little one will love taking in the fresh air and dipping your toes in the Atlantic Ocean. Plus there are a number of museums you can explore if you need time out of the sun.
  5. Seaside, Florida. Located on Florida’s northwest side just north of Panama City Beach is 30A, a scenic, family-friend stretch of Florida’s beachfront that offers the perfect escape from the day to day. Enjoy time on the beach, strolling through the shopping areas or simply enjoying great food in the Sunshine State. Don’t forget sunscreen!
  6. Michigan City, Indiana. If it’s Lake Life you are after, Lake Michigan is the place for you! Michigan City, located on the border of Indiana and Michigan, offers gorgeous views of Lake Michigan and sandy beaches without the heat you might find in southern states. St. Joseph, Michigan, just over the Michigan state line has a charming children’s museum as well as quaint downtown perfect for walking with a baby in a stroller.
  7. Grand Canyon, Arizona. Break out your baby carrier and get ready to marvel at this natural wonder. Perfect for strolling with your baby in a carrier, the Grand Canyon is a gorgeous US spot everyone should get to see in their lifetime. Spend time strolling and just enjoying nature, and then, when baby naps, drive through Bearizona in nearby Williams to see wildlife up close.
  8. Lake Tahoe, California. With several state parks and multiple kid-friendly museums, Lake Tahoe is a great summer destination for families. Relax at the beach at Emerald Bay State Park or Sand Harbor State Recreation Beach. If you have older kids with you, they might enjoy a day at Epic Discovery, where they can ride mountain coasters and check out zip lines.
  9. Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you are looking for a getaway that keeps you out of the summer sun, consider a getaway to Minneapolis, home to the Mall of America. Perfect for babies, toddlers and older kids, the Mall of America offers a seemingly endless array of indoor activities. You can stroll and shop with your baby in a stroller (bonus- no sales tax on clothes and shoes!), learn about sea creatures at SeaLife Aquarium and so much more.
  10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bright lights, big city! Philadelphia is packed full of unique US history, perfect for exploring with your little one in a stroller or baby carrier. Walk along Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest continuously-occupied street in the US, or marvel at the Liberty Bell. There are plenty of fantastic places to eat in Philadelphia, and a stroll along the waterfront is a great way to unwind. If you are in the mood for a daytrip, charming Hershey, Pennsylvania, is just a couple hours’ drive.

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Tips for Traveling With Baby

Traveling with a baby may be a little trickier than traveling solo, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are a few hacks to make it smooth sailing from the time you leave home to the time you arrive back.

  • Consider your lodging choices. Hotels offer the safety of having someone on-site to handle any issues that may arise, but, if you have a baby who doesn’t sleep well overnight, you may find a hotel isn’t the right fit for you. Renting a house will enable you to spread out and not worry about waking others (within your family or potential neighbors) with a fussy baby. Bonus: you get a kitchen where you can make your own food and a large fridge where you can store anything you might need for your little one.
  • Don’t stress about hauling all the big things with you! Babies take a lot of gear- strollers, highchairs, car seats, cribs. Bring the necessities and rent the rest! Sites such BabyQuip enable you to rent any big items you may need when you arrive at your destination, from bouncers and pack n plays and everything in between, plus the independent contractors who work with BabyQuip will deliver and pick up the items wherever you stay. Way easier than packing everything and the kitchen sink!
  • Vacationing with a baby should be easy and laidback. Solo vacations are for tours and adventures and scheduled-to-the-minute excursions. The most important thing to do when vacationing with a baby is to adjust your expectations. Babies will want to eat frequently, nap whenever they want to and generally not operate according to the routine you desire. When planning a vacation with your baby, it should simply be about spending time away from home. Plan an activity or two and then spend the rest of your time enjoying your surroundings.
  • Snap all the photos you can! Even though your little one will never remember this trip, it is something you will be able to carry in your memories for the rest of your life. Take photos and then create a special memory book with the help of BabyPage that you can make from your phone and have sent straight to your door. This will be a special keepsake with you and fun for your little one to look at as they grow.

Bon Voyage!

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