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Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas With Baby Photos

by Meagan Nordmann Fowler

Valentine’s Day Cards: Forgot the Ho Ho Ho? Send the XOXO

There are many reasons you may want to send Valentine’s Day Cards to your family and friends: You may have a big announcement to make (pink or blue?), you may have a too-cute-to-not-share photo, you may just be nostalgic for all those little photo cards we’d swap in grade-school. Or, you may be like me and feel guilty for not sending baby shower Thank You cards yet…or the Christmas cards…or the Happy New Year cards… Look. It’s been a busy past 6 months! ESPECIALLY around “The Holidays.”

So, if you find yourself in my boat, a fun solution to rid yourself of The Card Guilt is to use this more quiet space in the calendar to send a love note to your loved ones. Regardless, everyone will be oh-so-pleased to get actual mail (not junk or bills) and give a big smile from seeing your kiddo’s sweet face.

At BabyPage, we’re obviously pretty obsessed with photos. So we’ve also pinned a ton of great ideas on Pinterest and listed some below if you’d like to do a Valentine-centric photoshoot for your cards, too! (And yes, I did kiss my baby on the bootie with red lipstick and put a pair of angel wings on her for this shoot. Will she kill me when she’s a teenager? Probably. But right now, it’s so worth it! And you better believe those photos are all going in my BabyPage baby book, too!)

Yes, I did this to my child. Mwahahah! (Photo taken by M&J Photography)

Inspiration for Valentine’s Day photos:

Balloons (Pin it)



Tulle and/or burlap banners (Pin it)


Kisses on the hiney, the cheek, a foot, or every square inch of them! (Pin it)



A kissing booth –charge ’em money or give smooches away for free! (Pin it)



Cupid, with or without wings, is an adorable photo op! (Pin it)

The Romantic (Pin it)



Heartstrings (Pin it)



Hershey’s Kisses (Pin it)



Sweethearts (Pin it)



View more fun ideas on our Valentine’s Pinterest Board!

Don’t forget to load photos of your little Valentine to your BabyPage baby book!

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