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LadyBossBlogger Feature: “Katie & Yasine Help Parents Easily Track Their Children’s Milestones”

Katie Szczepaniak Rice is the co-founder and CEO of BabyPage, an online and mobile platform that allows parents to easily track their children’s milestones and build a book along the way. Katie holds a bachelor of Science in engineering from MIT and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Though busy with her growing business, she continues to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem by being a board member of ABQid, HauteHopes and the Coronado Ventures Forum. With prestigious awards such as New Mexico’s “40 under Forty” and NM Tech Council’s “Women in Technology,” Katie still finds time to be a loving wife and mother of two young children in her adopted hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What motivated and inspired you to start your own business?

The idea for BabyPage was born when I realized I had no time for a traditional scrapbook style baby book for my second child. I started one for my son, my first kiddo, and even though I never finished it, it was meaningful to me, and I wanted something of that nature for my daughter. Of course I knew about various ways to build a photo book online, but I wanted a way to describe and document what my kids were like at every stage of babyhood and childhood to go along with the photos, and I didn’t have time to write up an entire baby book in one sitting. I started talking to other parents and learned that many of them had searched for the product I envisioned. Given my background in venture capital, strategy and startups, I decided to go after the opportunity. I recruited a talented co-founder, Yasine Armstrong, also a busy mom, and we co-founded the company to build an amazing product for busy parents just like us.

Tell us about your business.

BabyPage is an online and mobile platform that makes it easy for busy parents to capture their children’s milestones and build beautiful books over time. We do so with fun and easy prompts dictated by the age of the child and the time of year, and our natural language algorithm converts the prompts into the content of each babypage. The user pulls in photos, tweaks the content if they’d like, and they capture milestones as they go. Once they’re ready, the can combine any of the babypages to purchase a book or other printed products.

Are you currently running any promos/contests/giveaways that you would like our readers to know about?

Yes! Readers can use this code…

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