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How to Quickly Create a Baby Book

5 Reasons Your Baby Book Isn’t Done!

  1. You’re too busy — We get it. We KNOW that many of us don’t have the time or energy after running after the kids and balancing everything else we do.
  2. You aren’t crafty enough — We’d all love a beautiful Pinterest-worthy baby book, but given everything going on in your life, it’s difficult to pull off.
  3. You don’t remember when your kid did what — Between the sleep deprivation, work, school, and all the activities, time just flies by, and before you know it, you blinked, and your baby has a driver’s license, and you definitely don’t remember when they first rolled over.
  4. You’re too disorganized — Your pictures are on Facebook or Instagram, some of the milestones are saved on some random app, and you have a notebook… somewhere…
  5. It’s been so long and you feel so guilty that you didn’t finish (or start) a baby book — Sometimes, getting past “Mommy guilt” is the hardest part of accomplishing a goal.

BabyPage co-founders Katie Rice and Yasine Armstrong went through all of the above. For her first child, Katie made a scrapbook with photos of her son’s first year, but it didn’t include any notes about milestones or even dates. She loved having it but didn’t have time to finish it. By the time her second child was almost one, Katie had nothing, not even a photo book, for her.

She thought about working on a scrapbook, and she even bought some art supplies. It all seemed like a great idea until she realized she had no time to put it all together and wound up with a messy bag of supplies… and still no baby book.

Yasine, who had one-year-old twins at the time, also had not started baby books for either of her kids, and shopping for scrapbooking supplies was an intimidating thought. Katie and Yasine both tried apps and photo books, but they couldn’t find a solution that made it easy to track milestones to create content in addition to photos in a book. When they couldn’t find what they were looking for, Katie and Yasine put together an amazing team, built the BabyPage online and mobile platform, and launched the company.

BabyPage helps busy parents track their children’s milestones and create a modern baby book along the way. BabyPage makes it fun and easy to document all the stages of childhood with age-related prompts to help parents remember when their kiddo did what. It offers an attractive dashboard that keeps their child’s milestones well organized, so that you can get that baby book done.

It’s easy to create BabyPages for every week or month and all the holidays and special events. Once you have enough BabyPages, ordering a printed or digital book is simple. It’s great for baby books, and for moms of big kids, BabyPage makes it fun to track what your kiddo was like during every season of childhood.

BabyPage Makes It Super Easy

BabyPage Makes It Super Easy

How easy is BabyPage? Let’s use Zach’s mom as an example. Zach is 6 months old, and his mom has tried keeping track of all of his “firsts” in a notebook, but she doesn’t have pictures to go with her notes. Most of the photos are on her phone, and some on her laptop. Frankly, by 6 months, she’s so busy keeping up with Zach, she’s forgotten to write down some really important things like when he first rolled over and when he tried his first solid food.

So Zach’s mom logs in to her BabyPage account and she is automatically prompted with questions related to Zach’s age and the time of year. From her BabyPage dashboard, she sees prompts including, How much does Zach weigh?, What is his height?, Is he crawling?, and Has he started solids foods? She quickly answers and skips any she doesn’t feel like answering, then uploads a photo of 6-month-old Zach.

The BabyPage natural language algorithm automatically generates the content of Zach’s 6 month BabyPage. Zach’s mom chooses a background that fits her style and she’s done. She can customize the text and add or delete any part of the content. She also sees prompts to create BabyPages related to recent events or holidays.

For Easter, she may see prompts such as Where did Zach celebrate Easter this year? and What was his favorite part of Easter? When Zach is older, age appropriate prompts will show up such as What is Zach’s favorite book at 2½ years old? or What is Zach’s favorite song right now?

Celebrate Childhood’s Milestones

BabyPage celebrates childhood and parenthood, and the platform makes life just a little bit easier for the parents trying to slow down time and capture the memories. The various seasons of childhood go by quickly and BabyPage makes it fun and easy to document it all in a beautiful way.

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