Surf Style for Your Beach Baby

By Meagan Nordmann

It’s summer and the waves are calling! Taking your little ones to the beach will always be some of your family’s most beautiful and treasured memories—their first time touching the ocean; their first sandcastle; their giddy squeals as the waves chase them to-&-fro and roll onto their toes; their delight at finding and collecting sea-shells; their curiosity at finding a washed-up jellyfish; their determination for digging a hole in the sand straight to China; their little sandy feet running down the beach with a kite; their excited impatience as you blow up their inner tube; their giggles & gripes while rubbing sunscreen into their jelly-roll arms and legs; their laughter as they enjoy one of their first games with a beach ball or Frisbee; their smiles as they write their name in the wet sand for the very first time…

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You know you’ll be snapping that camera, so have that little one dressed up! The beach is such a perfect backdrop for photographs, so you can get creative & even cheesy with their outfits. Anything in miniature is instantly more adorable. But few things are as adorable as mini-humans in mini-swimsuits!

We compiled some of our favorite beach costumes, outfits, and swimsuit trends for your beach baby this season:

Your Little Mermaid: Little girls have always been drawn to the lure of mermaids. Disney’s Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’ from the 1980s is amazingly still a popular character in toy and clothing sections. It seems there are even more fun mermaid outfits now than ever!

High-waisted & bow bikini

One-piece with bow:

Mermaid scale one-piece

Onesie #1

Onesie #2

Crochet tail and top for newborns: #1#2#3

‘Secretly a Mermaid’ leggings and tops

‘Future Mermaid’ onesie



‘Mermaids Don’t Wear Pants’ onesie

For older kids, these mermaid flippers theycan swim with

Your Beach Bum Baby Boy: Little girls aren’t the only one getting special attention in beach-themed clothing. Here are some adorable outfits & swim trunks for your little “grom” (amateur surfer).

Shark Hoodie

Baby-sized fedoras and sunglasses

‘Crawl. Walk. Surf.’ onesie

Beach Bum onesie (on the bum)

Stylish Bibs for your sailor

Beach Bum onesie (on front)

Beachy Diaper Covers

‘Little Beach Bum’ onesie, tee & shortsset

‘Cutest Dude Ever’ windbreaker and swimtrunks

Modern waves graphic on leggings and beanie

Navy striped swim trunks

Grey & mint striped swim trunks

Grey & black Quicksilver swim trunks

‘Cutest Dude On The Beach’ tee & swimtrunks

Baby-sized sandals

Preppy nautical sweater

Hang Loose onesie

Itty-Bitty Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: Miniature swimsuits are just heart-melting. Add some round sunglasses and a headband or turban wrap, and she’ll be camera-ready!

Floral & Grey ruffled bikini with largebow

Red, white & navy high-waist bikini

Retro orange and white striped one-piece

Low-back black one-piece with bow &ruffles

Black & White nautical high-waist bikini 

White one-piece with English ruffles and anchor details

Low back yellow one-piece with bow &ruffles

French-inspired black-and-white one-piecewith neck bow

Simple black bikini with bow top

Ruffled blue & pink one-piece withtummy cut-out

Blue and floral one-piece with ruffle skirt

Dusty pink one-piece one-piece with black polkadots and princess sleeves

Matching Mommy-and-Me swimsuits in tropicalprint 

Modern abstract graphic one-piece

Baby-Wearing in the Water:

Beachfront Baby Water Ring Sling

JujuRoo waterproof carrier

Beachfront Baby Wrap Carrier in mesh

For over 150 more beachy ideas, check out our Beach Baby Pinterest Board.

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