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Mommy Pages – Terah Beckmann

Mommy Interview #2

Terah Beckmann is the executive director of a nonprofit in Albuquerque, NM. She is one of our BabyPage alpha users, and she’s helping us make the BabyPage product and experience awesome. Her husband is also a fabulous photographer, which has helped her create beautiful BabyPages. Thank you, Terah!

  1. After having kids, what product can you not live without?
    Sophie teether
  2. After having kids, what product is a major time saver for you?
    Medela cleaning cloths
  3. How do you take care of yourself? How do you unwind?
    Haha I don’t! But I’d say our wine nights are how I get out to have me-time.
  4. What tools do you use to track your children’s milestones?
    I journal daily with the diaro app, just a few paragraphs and pictures from the day.
  5. What advice would you give to first time moms?
    Don’t regret anything you do and trust your intuition. You are your baby’s life-force and you know what’s best.
  6. What is the grossest thing you’ve ever had to clean up?
    Spit up out of my ear
  7. What’s a really useful product that you don’t see on a lot of registries?
    Bottle warmer, it’s saved a lot of water and time.
  8. What is something about having kids that you didn’t know that you would love?
    Dressing up and being silly. I never thought I’d dance in stores and I definitely didn’t think I’d love doing it!
  9. If you could go back in time to when you had your first baby, what would you tell yourself?
    Well since I’m still a first timer I’ll speak to the first few months. I wish I had my usual strength and assurance in my choices when Noah was first born. Everything flips on its head from being pregnant, you go from knowing what is going on to having only questions and the ONLY answer is “all babies are different”  seriously?
  10. What is the busiest time of day for you and your family?
    Morning, trying to get all of us out of the house with everything we need is a task for sure.


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