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Mommy Pages – Lindsey Dersch

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Mommy Interview #3 - Lindsey DerschLindsey Dersch is an elementary school teacher who lives in Carterville, IL with her husband and three girls. She is one of our awesome BabyPage alpha users, and she’s helping us make the BabyPage product and experience awesome. Thank you, Lindsey!

1. What product can you not live without?
We have loved the Halo Sleepsack with Swaddler for all 3 of our girls. It is so much easier than a swaddle blanket, which my girls would always bust out of. The Baby Bjorn carrier was a necessity for baby #2 & 3. It’s super easy to adjust so my husband and I could both use it when needed.

2. How do you take care of yourself? How do you unwind?
When the baby was really young, taking a nap in the afternoon was really important to me. I needed to rest because I felt mentally and physically drained. As the baby gets older, a quick trip out of the house by myself helps me unwind. Just a little time away from it all (at Target, the grocery store, etc.) helps me to recharge.

4. What tools do you use to track your children’s milestones? (ex. Baby book, notebook, spreadsheet, etc.)
I have used a traditional baby book for all of the girls. Of course, I never have them up to date so I spend a lot of time going back and trying to remember all the milestones. Usually I’m able to look back at pictures to help me remember what each girl was doing at different ages.

5. What advice would you give to new moms?
All of my “words of wisdom” are things that are said often and are difficult to embrace at the time, but are so true. Relax-the baby can sense when you’re stressed, which usually makes a situation more stressful. This too shall pass-even when things seem tough, give it time and it’ll work out. You’ll look back and think, “Why was I so worried?”

And some practical advice-While you’re pregnant, don’t just read/learn about the baby’s development in the womb. Start learning about the newborn’s development so you’re prepared when they arrive. Also, if you plan to breastfeed, don’t be afraid to get help. It will be work for a while. I was in constant contact with a lactation consultant with my third.

6. What is the grossest thing you’ve ever had to clean up?
My two year old’s poopy diapers. Absolutely disgusting! Gotta get her potty trained!

7. What’s a really useful product that you don’t see on a lot of registries?
Not sure. Haven’t seen a registry in a while!

8. What is something about having kids that you didn’t know that you would love?
All of the cuddles and giggles at every age are amazing

9. If you could go back in time to when you had your first baby, what would you tell yourself?
Relax. Enjoy the little moments. Even if they’re difficult at the time, they’re meaningful.

10. What is the busiest time of day for you and your family?
The evenings-preparing dinner, baths, cleaning up, and bedtime.

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