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AshleyAshley lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, a former minor league baseball player, and their two year-old son. Before she became a mom, she was a Special Education Teacher and worked with some of the coolest kids around. She’d love to go back to teaching someday, but her priority right now is being a mom. You can find out more about Ashley on her blog Mommy on the Mound.

After having kids, what product can you not live without? (it can be kid related or just “mommy related” – ex: muslin blankets, OxyClean, coffee)
I cannot live without my Lillebaby Baby Carrier! Babywearing is a huge part of being a mom for me and the Lillebaby has simplified it all for me. I especially love how easy it is to wear my two year old, even while pregnant!

What was the best kid friendly vacation or day trip you’ve been on recently?
We recently went to Hawaii and it was a blast with a toddler! It’s a laid back environment and the beach is such a fun place for little ones. Personally I love vacations even more with littles to share it with.

What tools do you use to track your child’s milestones? (ex. baby book, notebook, spreadsheet, etc.)
I love Sticky Bellies products for tracking milestones. Pair Sticky Bellies with fun photos and a BabyPage book and you have memories that will last forever!

What are your kids’ favorite books right now?
My little guy loves Jamberry. He pretends he’s the little boy in the book and berries are his favorite food.

What are you kids’ favorite toys right now? 
G loves Hot Wheels. He takes one with him everywhere he goes and loves buying them on trips to Target!

What is the grossest thing you’ve ever had to clean up?
Middle of the night puke is never fun!

What’s a really useful product that you don’t see on a lot of registries?
Natural products like Earth Mama Angel Baby, Zoe Organics, Babyganics and Everyday Happy. They are gentle and effective, which is so important for newborns!

Do you love your stroller and/or baby carrier, and would you recommend it?
Yes, yes, yes! My Lillebaby baby carrier is everything!

If you had an extra hour of time in the day, what would you do with it? 
I would probably read. It’s one thing I really miss!

What is something about having kids that you didn’t expect you would love?
I didn’t expect to love being a mom so much. I thought I’d go back to work no problem, but I just want to stay at home with my little guy.

What advice would you give to first time moms?
Do what you feel is best! You will get so much advice and some is great, but some might not work for you! I was told that cry it out is the way to go, and almost felt weak for not doing it. I then learned and realized that there isn’t any one way to parent. Although it may work for some, it wasn’t for us. I nursed my little guy to sleep and back to sleep for two years. It’s what worked for us and I was able to connect with like minded moms.

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