A First-Time Mommy’s “Starter Kit” for a Baby Registry

by Meg Nordmann Fowler

Being a new mother is overwhelming. Not only are you adjusting to your new changing body, a plethora of less-than-wonderful pregnancy symptoms, and overwhelming emotions—but you are also bombarded with advice and product marketing. 

I know this first-hand because I’m currently 7 months pregnant and a first-time mommy.

This. Is. Overwhelming.

Where does one even start??

As a Pinterest addict, I can say that Pinterest does NOT help matters here. Every mommy blogger and every company will have their own favorites and their own sponsored agenda to push. I started on Pinterest to plan out my nursery and to figure out my Baby Registry needs and was quickly reduced to panic. I was going to need a quadrillion dollars and a 6,000-square-foot house in order to get ready for this baby!

So, I turned to my personal network of Facebook Friends and asked “What is ESSENTIAL to add to my baby registry?” I got an awesome response and a helpful list to start with.

However, it was still overwhelmingly long and I quickly learned that every mother has a different definition of “essential,” because every household, mother, and baby is different. One mom may say she absolutely can’t survive without her Boppy, and another mom would say she could take it or leave it, while another older mom would say “What’s a Boppy? I never needed a Boppy and my kid turned out just fine!”

So, I compiled my list of tips and have had it edited and re-edited by several moms and I *think* I have distilled this great starter kit for your baby registry list to “Must-Have,” “Optional,” “Splurge,” and “Wait-and-See” categories.

This list is in no way an endorsement from BabyPage on any certain products. These are simply items and products that my personal network has recommended to me and we wanted to share with you as you build out your baby registry.

If you have other items you think we should add to the list or if you disagree on the category placement of some of these items—please, let us know what you think! Leave a comment on the blog or on social media and help us make the most helpful list for new mommies possible!

Baby Registry “Starter Kit”




Wait & See if Your Baby Needs This:

Recommended Registries:

*it was recommended to sign up for these major registries, because they will send you great coupons, even after birth.

The Big Stuff:

Car Seat Tips:

For Newborn to 6 Months (or even 8 Months), you can get combos for both a car seat and a stroller. This is recommended because your baby can continue to grow with the stroller, even when it’s outgrown the car seat. When they are in the car seat, you can put it on the stroller. Once they grow out of the 6-month or 8-month car seat, you will have to buy a larger size, but the larger size should last for a while.

Recommended Strollers:

Recommended High Chair:

*You don’t need to purchase a high chair until baby starts eating more solids

Recommended Swings:

*Pay attention to how the swing is powered. DDD batteries only last a few days, and finding an AC-powered swing is hard to find. Consider purchasing a large pack of rechargeable AA batteries with a few AA to D adapters.

Recommended Pack N Plays:

Recommended Baby Carriers/Wraps/Slings:

Want more baby tips? Check out our Pinterest Page for a wide-range of Boards on all topics. If you’re a new mommy, go ahead and start your free BabyPage account! You can make a book that captures your pregnancy journey, or be prepared to start uploading photos of your new little one and start their First Year book from day one.

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