Fall Baby Fun And Photo Ops

By Meg Nordmann Fowler

Babies in any season are adorable, but there’s something particularly charming about flushed chubby cheeks wrapped snugly into a knit cap and scarf and bundled up into a miniature coat during the fall. This time of year is always magical, but when you are seeing it through the eyes of a babe, it is only magnified.

I know, I know…it’s still summer. We just took the kiddos off to their first day of school, but that means we’ll be feeling that first chill in the air very soon! And the instant that happens…BAM! Everything will be orange & pumpkin-spiced! So let’s get mentally prepared for all the fun opportunities coming just around the corner… Plus, it’s one of the best times of year to snap those timeless pics! Pin this blog post for when you’re ready to dive headfirst into Fall. And check out our Fall Baby & Christmas Baby Pinterest Boards for many more dreamy inspirational photos & ideas.

Fall Fun (& Photo Ops) with the Babes

  1. Rake leaves and jump in the pile together (also a great photo op for your BabyPage book!). For really little ones, try raking the leaves into the date of their age (i.e. A leaf pile in the shape of a “3” for a 3-month old or 3-year old).
  2. When the tree lots open up in November, head there early to take a cute family photo! It would be perfect for a Christmas holiday card. Of course, it could be a great time to pick out this year’s live tree. Teach the kiddos to gently pull along the branches to make sure the tree is alive and good to take home (if pine needles come off easily in their hands, it’s no good). They’ll love the inspection and responsibility! (You may want to have something to wipe the pine sap off their hands afterward).
    Family Tree
    Photo: Pinterest from barefootblonde.com
  3. Have a newborn or tiny one? There are so many fun photo ops you can do with a pumpkin as a prop. Let baby take a nap in one; carve their name in one; cut out leg holes; surround baby with mini-pumpkins; etc.
  4. Similarly, take your little ones to a local pumpkin patch! You’ll get tons of adorable photos and they’ll love helping pick out “the perfect ones” for your front porch.
    Pumpkin Patch
    Photo: Pinterest from hellofashionblog.com
  5. Along the same line, take your family out to go apple picking! The red apples look lovely in photos when paired with flannel or a red baby wagon full of your picks. There’s tons of great (and healthy) fall recipes you can experiment with once you take your bounty home, too.
  6. Get lost in a corn maze! Not only does the backdrop of dried corn husks look great in fall photos, but there’s something so magical about getting safely “lost” in a maze. Let the kids run ahead and discover the dead-ends and choose the next pathway.
    Corn Maze
    Photo: Pinterest from kiddosathome.com
  7. Bundle up your baby…and document it! Seriously, there are few things cuter than miniature fall and winter clothes on a miniature human. Go all the way—the baby mocs, the beanies, berets, scarves, knee socks mittens…
    Bundled Kid
    Photo: Pinterest from vivioli-babiesfashionlife.blogspot.com.au
  8. If your family is into fall sports, be sure you get a mini-jersey for Jr. ‘Watching the game with Dad’ in matching team colors will be a classic for your BabyPage photo book.
    Game Day Onesie
    Photo: Pinterest from etsy.com
  9. Plan Baby’s Halloween Costume. You’ve only got a few years where you can pick out what baby will be for Halloween—so don’t waste the opportunity! Make your baby costume dreams come true! And if your little one is old enough to pick it out themselves, then start planning how you both will make it from scratch together. The costume will be so much more special if they can see their own ideas and hard work come to life.
    Halloween Baby
    Photo: Pinterest from BuzzFeed.com
  10. Plan a Fall Harvest Block Party. There are so many great ideas for a fall-themed party. Throw one in your backyard for your family or get the neighborhood together for a family-friendly block party full of themed foods, decorations and games.
    Block Party
    Photo: Pinterest from countryliving.com
  11. Make a Jack-O-Lantern. Scooping out the ‘guts’ makes for good sensory play, the seeds make for a healthy snack, and the creation of the design puts their little imaginative minds to work.
  12. Take a Fall Nature Hike or a Fall Camping Trip. Once that summer heat finally cools down, it’s the perfect time to focus on making a fire, eating S’mores, and getting outdoors. Let the little ones collect the different color leaves and use this as a learning or crafting opportunity.
  13. Let them help out in the kitchen, with some fun Fall snacks for themselves or to gift to their teacher or friends. Some ideas: mini-pumpkin bread loaves; Scarecrow Crunch (fall-inspired trail mix); Pumpkin Patch cups (add candy pumpkins to a ‘dirt cup’ of crushed Oreos and gummi worms); mini-caramel apples.
  14. Sip on Hot Cocoa together. The ready-made packets are easy, but if you’re concerned about sugars, here’s a great healthy recipe. Essentially, all you need is milk or water, raw cacao powder, and coconut sugar. All the rest are extras for health or flavor. Another alternative would be to sip on hot apple cider or wassail (adults may want to add a splash of port to their cup…).

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