Father’s Day Gifts for ALL the Daddies!

by Meagan Nordmann

Father’s Day is coming up (June 19), and most blogs will give you ten or so gift ideas that sound like this: A drill; a shaving kit; a six-pack of beer; bacon for breakfast.

But not all dads use drills and not all dads want to shave their beards. What does your dad love? (i.e. surfing, hunting, artwork, coding, gardening, building). What makes him extra special?

We’ve compiled 14 different Dad-Interests or types of dads, to help make it easier to come up with ideas for gifts, crafts, and cards. If you see a cute saying on a keychain, but don’t want to buy a keychain—use it for your homemade card! We’ve also got some great card ideas, craft ideas, and gift ideas you may want to consider making or buying.

If you need even more ideas, browse our “For Dad” Pinterest board with over 150 pins!  

Baseball Dads:

Handprint on ball

Play Ball mason jar

Part-time pitcher, full-time dad

Ceramic handprint art 

Music Dads:

I pick you…always

You rock, dad! (card)

Dad, you rock! (charm) 

Where Words Fail…

Fishing Dads:

Personalized fishing lures

I’m hooked on Daddy

Handy Dads:

Gift ideas for handy dads

Sawdust is Man Glitter

You Nailed It! #1 Dad!

If Dad Can’t Fix It…

Funny Dads:

Let’s be honest…

Thanks for putting up with… 

Thanks for sharing your DNA… 

I love how we don’t have to say out loud…

Dad, Well done… 

Nerdy Dads:

Control C/Control V outfits

Daddy is as smart as Yoda…

Light saber cards

Yoda Best, Dad! 

Step Dads:

Some heroes wear capes…

To love me like your own…

Best Bonus Dad Ever

Any man can be a father, but…  

DNA doesn’t make a family…

…You didn’t have to be

It is not flesh & blood,but the heart…

Grand Dads:

“The Legend” shirt

The Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa

Grandpas Know Everything

The only thing better than having you as a Dad

Grand Dad’s spot

My fingers may be small…

How To Babysit a Grandpa

First-Time Dads:

 Our first Father’s Day onesie

Happy First Daddy’s Day onesie  

I’m Your Father’s Day Gift. Mom says… 

(version 2) I’m Your Father’sDay Gift  

Expecting Dads:

From Your Little Peanut

From The Bump

I love you with all my bump

Bump love photo

The Man Behind The Bump

Dad Loading… 

I cant wait to meet you!

Golfing Dads:

Kick Putt, Dad!

Fore The Best Dad in the HoleWorld!

Dad, you’re “T” riffic!

Handprint Golfing card

Have a ball…

Thirsty Dads:

Daddy’s Drinking Buddy

Daddy Juice

Grillmaster Dads:

Daddy’s Grilling Partner 

 DIY Painted Grill Plate

DIY Hanging Grill Tool Display

You’re Flippin’ Awesome, Dad!

Long Distance Dads:

State-to-state pendant

Love knows no distance

Across the miles

Custom pillow

Map heart

Sending a hug

Photos for Dads:

Best Daddy Ever

In Daddy’s shoes…

Yearly Father’s Day pics

Generational photos

Dad triptych

Jewelry for Dads:

There is this girl that stole my heart…

Two thumbprints to create a heart

Jewelry made out of child’s art

The girls who stole my heart 

Crafts for Dads:

Sharpie marker plate

Sandy footprint keepsake

DIY tie rack tutorial 

DIY clay catch-all

Footprint heart ornament

Last-minute DIY gifts

Footprint Stepping Stone

Sharpie Mug Craft 

Photo Cube

Bottle Cap Photo Magnets

Gifts for Dads:

Customized pillowcases

Customized smartphone cover

Daddy’s Girl onesie

When you hold my hand…

Child’s art on towels

Customized cufflinks

Shave kit

 Cards for Dads:

Candybar language

Oragami ties

Best Daddy Ever, Hands Down!

I love you to the moon & back!

…I want to be just like you

Prints of my little feet…

Following in my Daddy’s footsteps…

From Wifey to Daddy:

The only thing better than having you as my husband…

BabyPage book, with photos of Daddy and his kiddos. He’ll treasure it forever!

We hope you & your family have a Happy Father’s Day!

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