Great Photo Shoot Ideas for Babies & Kids at Christmas

baby in a santa suit

Christmas Photo-Op Inspiration

By Meagan Nordmann Fowler

There are few things more magical than a child during the holiday season and we want to remind you to capture it with a Christmas photo shoot!

Christmas time is a time of year that inspires kids and grown-ups alike to celebrate with innocence and joy—sweet treats, singing joyful carols, warm cuddles by the fire, bundled up in our coziest clothes, decorating our homes, sledding down snowy hills, slow drives through neighborhoods decked in lights and decorations, sipping hot chocolate…

This is a time full of family traditions and memory-making, so be sure to capture these moments and upload them into your child’s BabyPage baby book, to treasure and reminisce for years to come.

Ideas to Inspire a Holiday Photo-Op

We love real, candid moments, but sometimes it’s fun to put a little extra effort in some photos, whether it’s to make “a framer,” a family holiday card to send to friends, or something precious for your baby book. Here are some sweet ideas we found that may inspire you to set up your own little “photo-op” moment with your child. These are especially fun when they are very tiny!


Babies with Christmas lights around them
Photo sources: “Christmas Baby” Board on Pinterest

Christmas Lights:

There are so many creative ways to light up a photo. Let your child “test the lights” before you wind them onto the tree, and go ahead and let them get tangled in the mess. It makes for a lovely photo! Or hang icicle lights as a background to your child’s Christmas photos to add a little extra ‘magic’ to the image.

baby with christmas ornaments

A Single Ornament:

Capture your child’s fascination with these perfect, reflective globes. Let them examine the tree, or lay underneath it. If you’re feeling brave, let them hold one. Capture a close-up of your child hanging an ornament on their own, or of a family member lifting them up to reach the top. Another fun idea is to try fitting a whole family portrait in a reflective ball, such as a silver one.

baby in a christmas present

Gift Box:

The greatest gift you’ll ever receive is your children, right? Take it literally and place your baby into a big gift-wrapped box, with a dramatic bow and place them under a tree.

christmas photos

Play Dress-Up:

It won’t be long till they no longer will put on the outfits you pick out for them…so take advantage of the young ages where you can pick out the most ridiculous outfits and costumes you want. For the holidays, there are adorable angel wings, Santa hats, elf hats, reindeer antlers, snowmen, and more. Bonus points if you’re able to work in a nakie hiney into the pic!

christmas tree lot photos

Christmas Tree Lots:

Wandering through a Christmas tree lot is a wonderful family tradition to start—whether it’s just to sip hot cocoa and smell that fresh pine smell, or to actually pick out a tree to bring home. Take this moment to snap some family photos and some candid ones of your little ones wandering through the evergreens. If you want to stage a cute one, try tying a teeny-tiny tree on top of a baby car and letting your little one ‘drive’ their tree home.

baby with milk and cookies

Santa’s Milk & Cookies:

Another family tradition could be baking Santa’s cookies. Leave the cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa, and perhaps have your child write or dictate a note to leave for Santa. There’s sure to be extra cookies, so feel free to let your kiddo sample a few and be sure to capture a cute shot of that!

baby photos with santa

A Glimpse of Santa:

While the mall portrait in Santa’s lap is a classic, we’ve seen some really cute photographs that leave more to the imagination. If you or someone you know has a Santa’s coat and a pair of white gloves, try only ‘hinting’ at Santa, while keeping your little one the focus of the photo. You can also ‘fake’ a Santa Sleeve by cutting off the tip of a cheap Santa Hat, sticking your hand through it, and slipping on a white glove. That little hint of Santa  just adds to the childlike magic of Christmas!

christmas ornament photo shoot

Swimming in Ornaments:

If you have a newborn, fill a bowl or basket full of plastic ornaments (that are glossy & look like glass) and have your wee babe lay down on them as if he or she was weightless. The pop of color is yours to choose, and is such a fun twist for newborn photos!

baby with christmas bow

Tied in a Bow:

Like the gift box idea, try simply tying a huge red satin ribbon on your baby, as if they were a gift left under the tree. This is a great way to show off that cute nakie hiney, too.

christmas pj photo

Family in Footies:

Matching Christmas jammies are the jam! (Have you seen this funny video, by the way??) Get everyone decked out in their footies and take a family portrait. This can make for a great holiday greeting card or for a fun page in your BabyPage baby book.


‘Twas The Night Before Christmas:

Another great tradition is reading Christmas stories on the evenings leading up to the big day. Take a moment to snap a photo of your little ones curled up with you for storytime. Or, stage the photo to look as if they are reading the story themselves. Again, bonus points for nakie hineys!

baby in a christmas stocking

The Stockings Are Hung:

If your child is still very tiny, slip them into one of the family stockings, as if they were only a wee stocking stuffer. Let them hold on to a candy cane to add to the sweetness.


Waiting for Santa:

If you have a fireplace, you have a great prop for photos. Set your little one in front of Santa’s portal and capture a photo of them waiting for him to come visit. It can be equally as cute to get a shot of your child staring at the Christmas tree, too.


Combine for Cuteness:

Take any of the above and combine them to have cuteness overload! You can see over 100 more ideas on our “Christmas Baby” Pinterest Board for inspiration.

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