15 Ideas for Easter with Your Kids

  1. Pick out a stylish Easter outfit together on a mall “date.”
  2. Let them help you in the kitchen. Get creative! (Check out our Pinterest board for fun Easter-themed recipes).
  3. Read them classic bunny tales, such as Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” or Margery Williams’ “Velveteen Rabbit.”
  4. Easter Egg Hunt! Your local neighborhood or church may organize one, or you could organize one for your family. There’s several spins you could take with it, such as turning it into a scavenger hunt, or including activities like a Bunny Hop sack race.
  5. Dye hard-boiled eggs together. Get creative with the colors, and give them stickers and a white crayon if they are a detail-oriented child. Experiment with how long you let an egg sit in the dye to let colors range from light to dark. Older kids may want to make the Golden Eggs or try for a more realistic robin’s egg.
  6. Stuff plastic eggs. If you’re holding a hunt for the family, let your kids help stuff candy and toys in each egg for their cousins and friends.
  7. Customize their Easter Basket. Gather items such as ribbon, bows, flowers, faux birds and butterflies, and help your kids create their own spring-themed basket.
  8. Start a tradition for Easter Breakfast, and make bunny pancakes or bunny eggs.
  9. Have “Bunny Bait” ready for kids needing a snack (other than chocolate).
  10. Schedule a photo shoot. Babies dressed a bunnies and lambs are just some of the cutest images around! And capture some photos of your children in their Easter outfits before they’re covered in chocolate and grass stains.
  11. Pick Flowers. If you’re setting up a table for your family, let the kids get outdoors and pick the flowers for your centerpieces.
  12. Make it a picnic. If you’re lucky to have a perfect spring day for Easter, lay out quilts and sheets in the yard. Blow bubbles and play cornhole and lay around in the sunshine.
  13. Make the Easter Basket setting magical. Filling baskets is so much fun. Take it a step further and add some flowers and create a whole Easter vignette to make the setting just as magical as the items in the basket.
  14. Decorate together. Let them help you make the spring wreath for the front door, or string plastic eggs for a garland.
  15. Make an Easter Gift together for your child’s teacher or nanny.

p.s. Don’t forget to upload your favorite photos from the fun day to your BabyPage!

p.p.s. Follow our Easter With Kids Pinterest Boards for many, many more ideas and tips.

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