13 Mother’s Day Ideas for All Types of Moms

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I always looked forward to Mother’s Day as a kid… it was an opportunity to put all of my creative skills to work on a card and gift that attempted to encapsulate how wonderful I thought my mother was (an impossible feat!). Often, all our mother really desired for a Mother’s Day gift was something homemade and to sleep in as long as she wanted—and then we’d “surprise” her every year with a homemade breakfast. Dad usually had a bouquet of white roses (her favorite) to sweeten up our messy attempt at a fancy breakfast.

There were a few years where I remember the entire family gathering together as a holiday and holding a massive Mother’s Day Brunch, where we would honor nearly every grown woman in the family. Grandmothers were the most prized mother of all. I think it’s wonderful to acknowledge all of the mothers in your life with a small token of appreciation—grandmothers, foster mothers, stepmothers, mother-in-laws, best-friend mommies, and any other mother figures in your life. It’s a beautiful, but hard, job and their work and devotion deserves a full day of celebration!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

At BabyPage, we’ve gathered together some of the best ideas on the internet for Mother’s Day gifts. Some are ideas your kids might want to consider (pass this email to Dad to pass to the kids…) or crafts that you might want to do with your children. Some are ideas you might want to consider for your own mother(s). These tips range from first-time mommies, to mothers of toddlers & teenagers, to grandmothers.

  1. Start the Day off with Breakfast: You may want to host a big brunch for the mothers in your family. You could rent a room at a restaurant or hold the celebration at your own home. We’ve collected some lovely brunch and mimosa ideas on our Pinterest Board. You may opt instead to sleep in, stay in your yoga pants, and enjoy a homemade breakfast-in-bed. If so, your family may want to check out the DIY breakfast tray or other fun breakfast ideas.
  2. Hand and Footprint Art: For the newborn-to-toddler ages, you may want to celebrate the day by helping them make a memorable piece of art that freezes their sweet, tiny fingers and toes in time. Our Pinterest Board has a ton of ideas for ways to craft their prints—from cute cards to concrete, wooden, and plaster mementos that you can even hang on your walls. There’s even a cute fingerprint necklace you could make!
    finger print necklace
    Image: Pinterest from The WHOot
  3. DIY Bookmarks: There are several different crafty ideas for creating fun bookmarks with photos of your kids. Have them pose with their hands above their head, cut out the image and add a silk hassle between their hands. So cute! You’ll set a good example by setting the phone down to read, and they’ll love that they’re the ones holding your page for you.
  4. Cute Printables: Pinterest is a great place to find printables for just about any project. Our Board has printables for Mother’s Day cards, tags, coloring pages, and more. They’re a great way to personalize a project or gift, but they can look more polished (and are made more quickly) than a full DIY.
  5. Tea Cups & Mugs: Who doesn’t want a “World’s Best Mom” coffee cup in their collection?? There are some sweet coffee mug ideas that you can make yourself and we love this succulents-in-a-teacup for a Mother’s Day gift!
    succulents in tea cups
    Image: Pinterest from Hip2Save
  6. Unique Bouquets: While flowers are a woman’s best friend, there are many twists on this classic Mother’s Day gift! The children can make sunflowers out of their hand cut-outs, or Dad could help them glue their photo in the center of a cupcake liner. There are flowers made of paper, candies, fruits, cupcakes, and more. Browse our Board for more bouquet ideas.
  7. DIY Artwork & Photography Crafts: This is a broad, but favorite, category for most Moms. Photographs capture our memories and milestones and Moms would love to show them off, rather than have them disappear into a social media newsfeed. There are many fun things you can do with photographs, other than put them in a frame. We love this woodblock project, and this customizable throw-pillow looks like a fun purchase. There are also some beautiful quotes that would look lovely painted on a slab of wood and displayed on a mantel or bookshelf.
  8. Long-Distance Mums: If you need to mail a package to Mom, decorate the inside panels of the box and make the whole experience sweet! We also love this sweet “sending hugs” card and this mug artwork that shows two States connected by hearts.
    a mother's day present
    Image: Pinterest The Dating Divas
  9. DIY Spa: For the Moms that opted for breakfast-in-bed, it would probably be a great idea to throw in an at-home spa package as well. “Treat yo-self!” There are plenty of ideas on our Board on how to make bath bombs, bath salts, and things to gather for a spa basket. We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!
  10. Jewelry: Whether handmade or purchased, Mom may love to keep a token that reminds her of her children or grandchildren nearby. We found some lovely Mother’s Day gift ideas that let you customize and incorporate kids’ photos or names. Browse our Board to check them out.
  11. Crafty Cards: This one is a given. Homemade cards are the best, and our Board has so many cute ideas, we can’t even begin to list them here. There are ideas for Mom-to-Grandmom and ideas for the kids (of all ages) as well.
    hand made mothers day card
    Image: Pinterest City Moms Blog Network
  12. Take a photo: Obviously, we are obsessed with photos at BabyPage. For the little ones, a photo may be one of the few things your baby can “gift” to you. We love these Mama Bird/Baby Bird matching shirts; these Mama Bear/Baby Bear outfits; and this adorable “Our First Mother’s Day” onesie. Share some kisses and snuggles and don’t forget to load your photos into your BabyPage photo book!
  13. Make a Book: There were several book ideas we found that are too sweet! You could start a “Mama & Me” book with a blank journal (or make your own) and write a note to your kid, and pass it to them. Perhaps you give it to them on their Birthday, and they can pass it back to you on Mother’s Day—-and you could keep the tradition going on for years! This company, LoveBook, lets you make a hard-cover book that lists all the reasons you love your mom, and you can select from thousands of ideas and fun illustrations to make it more fun.

Of course, we have to remind you, that a BabyPage photo book is a great Mother’s Day gift for moms & Grandmothers. Create an account for free, upload your favorite images and memories, dress it up with cute graphics and add text in great fonts. Select whether you want a free digital copy, a printable copy, or order a soft-cover or hard-cover book to give as a gift.

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We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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